Billing & Payments

Billing & Payments

Quarterly billing fee breakdown
All metered customers are billed based on water consumption as follows:

Rates effective as of May 1, 2024

Description Price
Base Rate fee per quarter, per EDU
Meter Read Fee varies by borough:
East Greenville
Red Hill
Water consumption per 1,000 gallons
Properties with wells (no meter)

Sample Quarterly Bill

Residential unit using 10,000 gallons of water per quarter – metered 

Description Price
Base Rate (1 EDU)
Meter Read Fee
Consumption (10k gals)
Total Due

Fees are subject to change. See UMJA Rules & Regulations for most current rates 

Attention Landlords

All invoices must be sent to the property owner. If you wish to have invoices sent to a tenant or property manager, the property owner and tenant/property manager must sign an Owner/Tenant (Property Manager) Agreement allowing the invoices to be sent directly to them respectively. Agreements are available in our Billing Office. 

Red Hill Borough

Bill Mailed* Bill Due**
January 31 (Estimated)
February 21
April 30
May 21
July 31 (Estimated)
August 21
October 31
November 21

Pennsburg Borough

Bill Mailed* Bill Due**
February 28
March 21
May 31
June 21
August 31
September 21
November 30
December 21

East Greenville Borough

Bill Mailed* Bill Due**
March 31
April 21
June 30
July 21
September 30
October 21
December 31
January 21

If your mailing address or phone number changes, please be sure to let us know 

*Bills are mailed the last business day of the month.
**If the 21st is on a weekend or Holiday, bills are due the next business day. 

Due Date: Payment must be received in the UMJA office or mailed payments must be postmarked on or before the due date to be considered on time. Payments not received in our office on or before the due date are subject to a 15% penalty. 

Where to pay your bill . . .

  • Customer Portal– Click Here
  • Mail to 1100 Mensch Dam Rd, Pennsburg, PA 18073
  • Drop Box at UMJA Office
  • By Phone, ACI Payment, Inc. 1-888-272-9829, Option 3, Jursidiction Code 7853

What if I can’t pay my bill on time?

On March 18, 2024, PHFA will be reopening the pandemic-era PA Homeowner Assistance Fund (PAHAF) to eligible new applicants until the balance of funds has been exhausted. To participate in the PAHAF program or for more information, please go to

The following fees may apply

Paid after due date 15% penalty
30 days late
Past due notice
10 days before service termination - notice mailed
Water Termination Notice Mailed
10 days before service termination - property posted
$150 fee for property posting
Water shut off
$75 field service fee
Water restored
$25 to $50 fee

Fees are subject to change. See UMJA Rules & Regulations for most current information.

Questions about your bill?

Please contact our Billing Office 215.679.5133